Self Chain 2023 Recap

Reflecting on Self Chain's 2023 strides and looking ahead to an innovative 2024.

Self Chain 2023 Recap

Dear Self Chain Community,

As we bid farewell to 2023, it's clear that cryptocurrencies faced a multitude of challenges. Ongoing issues such as the lingering effects of COVID-19, global tensions, and economic uncertainties persisted throughout the year. Amidst these challenges, the crypto industry also navigated legal complexities and dealt with criticism from the media while relentlessly pursuing progress.

In these challenging times, Self Chain stood resolute, placing a significant emphasis on trust, transparency, and decentralization. We held fast to our belief that decentralization and a simplified user experience are the keys to unlocking mass adoption. It is with immense gratitude that we thank our community for unwaveringly supporting us throughout this journey.

A Year of Achievements

Let's take a moment to recap the remarkable strides we've made in 2023:

Q1 2023 - Blockchain Explorer Launch:

We introduced a user-friendly Blockchain Explorer, enabling transaction tracking, activity monitoring, and insights into blockchain health. This tool enhances transparency and user engagement within the Self Chain ecosystem.

Q2 2023 - Migration Module and DApp:

Our DApp facilitates the migration of tokens from ERC20 to Self Chain's Cosmos-based network, reinforcing our commitment to community support. Additionally, the Staking Application empowers users to actively participate in the network, enhancing decentralization and sustainability.

Q3 2023 - Testnet Milestones:

We unveiled Self Chain's Cosmos-based Testnet and embarked on the Incentivized Testnet 1 phase, witnessing overwhelming community participation with 153 synced nodes and 100 active validators. Your enthusiasm and engagement were truly remarkable.

Q4 2023 - Educational Outreach and Community Building:

We actively shared educational content to highlight the importance of Self Custody and elucidate the roadmap for keyless wallets. Our community-building efforts through social media engagement, events, and initiatives continue to spread our vision of a simplified Web3 UX. As of today, We have garnered a significant following on X and cultivated a vibrant community of members on Discord, establishing a strong community, and gathering a group of people with shared beliefs.

2024: A Year of Hope

Looking ahead to 2024, particularly in Q1:

Q1 2024 - Self Chain Tokenomics and More:

We will unveil Self Chain's tokenomics framework, fostering community understanding and transparency. The Incentivized Testnet program continues, and we plan to release Self Chain's mainnet, marking a significant milestone.

Q2 2024 - Keyless Wallets:

We'll introduce the first Multi-Chain Keyless Wallet Alpha and the public beta of the Keyless Wallet SDK, redefining self-custody. The official release of Self Chain Keyless Wallet SDK will empower developers to integrate Keyless Wallet functionality.

Q3 2024 - Wallet AA and Multi-chain Support:

Initiating the development of Wallet Account Abstraction (AA) and Plugins, enhancing security and user interactions. We'll also expand support for AA plugins across multiple blockchain networks.

Q4 2024 - Intents Resolver Protocol:

We'll experiment with the Intents Resolver Protocol, streamlining blockchain operations. The Intent Searcher Beta will enable seamless exploration of major DeFi primitives.

Wishing You a Joyful Holiday Season

As we approach the holiday season and the dawn of a new year, we extend our warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. May your holidays be filled with joy, and your new year be marked by success and prosperity. We want to express our gratitude for your continued support. In the year ahead, we remain committed to building in Self Chain, and we're excited for the great things that will take place.


Self Chain Team

About Self Chain

Self Chain is the first Modular Intent-Centric Access Layer1 blockchain and keyless wallet infrastructure service using MPC-TSS/AA for multi-chain Web3 access. The innovative system simplifies the user experience with its intent-focused approach, using LLM to interpret user intent and discover the most efficient paths.

Self Chain ensures that onboarding and recovery are effortless with keyless wallets that grant users complete self-custody over their assets. In addition, it provides automated rewards to dApps when they efficiently resolve user intent, further enhancing the user experience. Moreover, Self Chain incorporates Account Abstraction with MPC-TSS to provide secure signing and reduce transaction fees. It's a platform that redefines blockchain interaction, making it more secure and user-friendly for everyone.

In a world where blockchain technology is becoming increasingly essential, the user experience remains a critical factor in its adoption. Intents and Keyless Wallets are set to transform the landscape, making blockchain interactions more accessible, efficient, and secure. As we move forward, the blockchain industry has the opportunity to provide users with a seamless and enjoyable experience, unlocking the full potential of this groundbreaking technology.

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