Self Chain Completes Security Audit with Beosin: A Milestone Towards Our Mainnet Launch

Self Chain completes audit with Beosin, fixing the audit findings in preparation for Mainnet launch.

Self Chain Completes Security Audit with Beosin: A Milestone Towards Our Mainnet Launch

The Importance of Blockchain Security Audits

Of all the values that people appreciate in blockchain, security tops the list. At Self Chain, we prioritize the security of our platform and its users. As we approach the launch of our mainnet, we understand that a thorough security audit is essential to ensure the safety and reliability of our infrastructure. This commitment to security is why we've partnered with Beosin, a leading blockchain security firm, to conduct an extensive audit of our system.

Highlights from the Audit Report

You can find the Self Chain Audit Report here:

Overview of Findings

The audit report for Self Chain by Beosin highlights 12 key findings, varying in severity from Medium to Info. Out of these, two findings—Excessive broadcast failures and The target address in the DeadWallet contract not verified—are acknowledged. Here's a summary of the findings and comments on the audit report's overall implications:

  • Severity Levels: The majority of findings are Medium-level risks, which include issues with data validation, concurrency, contract checks, and vesting operations. Other low-severity findings mainly involve code quality, parameter checks, and redundant code.
  • Risk Descriptions: The findings address several potential vulnerabilities. Notable ones include excessive broadcast failures, which could lead to user funds being locked, and the lack of verification for the DeadWallet contract's target address, which can cause unintended transactions.
  • Status: Out of the 12 findings, 10 are marked as "Fixed," indicating a comprehensive effort to address the audit's concerns. However, two findings remain "Acknowledged," signaling ongoing work to resolve these issues. We are well aware of these issues and will continue to monitor them, taking further steps toward their resolution.

Comments on the Audit Report

The Self Chain audit report reveals a proactive approach to security, with 10 out of 12 findings fixed, showing significant progress in addressing vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the report highlights two acknowledged risks requiring further attention. We are well aware of these risks—excessive broadcast failures and unverified target addresses in the DeadWallet contract—and are actively monitoring them, with plans to address them comprehensively.

The audit underscores the importance of ongoing monitoring and regular follow-up audits. This continuous scrutiny is key to addressing any emerging risks and sustaining a secure platform. Despite the outstanding risks, the report suggests a positive security posture, demonstrating Self Chain's commitment to stability and ongoing security efforts.

Introducing Beosin, Our Audit Partner

Beosin is a leading name in blockchain security and smart contract auditing. They have reviewed over 3,000 smart contract projects, including popular platforms like PancakeSwap and Ankr, identifying more than 85,000 code vulnerabilities. Their thorough approach and detailed analysis have allowed us to pinpoint and correct critical areas of concern. With their support, we've strengthened our security measures and are better equipped to deliver a reliable platform for our users.

Final Steps Toward Mainnet Launch

With the audit completed, we are in the final stages of preparing for the Self Chain mainnet launch. This audit represents a significant milestone, reflecting our dedication to security and the safety of our users. As we move forward, we will continue to monitor, test, and improve our platform to meet the highest security standards.

Thank you for being part of the Self Chain community. We look forward to launching the mainnet and embarking on this exciting journey with you.

About Self Chain

Self Chain is the first Modular Intent-Centric Access Layer1 blockchain and keyless wallet infrastructure service using MPC-TSS/AA for multi-chain Web3 access. The innovative system simplifies the user experience with its intent-focused approach, using LLM to interpret user intent and discover the most efficient paths.

Self Chain ensures that onboarding and recovery are effortless with keyless wallets that grant users complete self-custody over their assets. In addition, it provides automated rewards to dApps when they efficiently resolve user intent, further enhancing the user experience. Moreover, Self Chain incorporates Account Abstraction with MPC-TSS to provide secure signing and reduce transaction fees. It's a platform that redefines blockchain interaction, making it more secure and user-friendly for everyone.

In a world where blockchain technology is becoming increasingly essential, the user experience remains a critical factor in its adoption. Intents and Keyless Wallets are set to transform the landscape, making blockchain interactions more accessible, efficient, and secure. As we move forward, the blockchain industry has the opportunity to provide users with a seamless and enjoyable experience, unlocking the full potential of this groundbreaking technology.

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