Self Chain Mainnet Launching 6/6

Self Chain Mainnet Launching 6/6

We are thrilled to share a significant milestone with our dedicated community—our mainnet is going live on June 6th! This is a momentous step forward in Self Chain’s journey, and we are eager to outline what this means for our users and contributors.

Mainnet Launch: A Three-Stage Rollout

To ensure a smooth transition and robust network functionality, our mainnet launch will be conducted in three carefully planned stages:

Stage 1 Genesis Ceremony

We kick off with our Genesis Ceremony, where our foundation validators along with professional genesis validators will be onboarded. This initial phase is crucial for establishing a solid and secure baseline for our network.

Stage 2 Migration and Staking

Following a successful Genesis Ceremony, we will enable token migration and staking capabilities. This stage allows our early adopters to begin migrating their assets to the mainnet and participate in staking, contributing to the network's security and operations.

Stage 3 Community Validator Nodes Participation

The final stage opens the doors to the broader community, enabling public validator nodes. This expansion is a critical step towards decentralizing the network further, enhancing security, and fostering community participation.

After everything proceeds as planned, we will be able to say that Self Chain has officially reached its mainnet stage.

Stay Updated!

As we approach these exciting times, staying informed is more crucial than ever. We invite everyone to follow us on our official channels where we will be announcing key updates, including:

  • Validators Onboarding
  • Token migration details
  • Staking instructions

Thank you for your continued trust and enthusiasm. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

About Self Chain

Self Chain is the first Modular Intent-Centric Access Layer1 blockchain and keyless wallet infrastructure service using MPC-TSS/AA for multi-chain Web3 access. The innovative system simplifies the user experience with its intent-focused approach, using LLM to interpret user intent and discover the most efficient paths.

Self Chain ensures that onboarding and recovery are effortless with keyless wallets that grant users complete self-custody over their assets. In addition, it provides automated rewards to dApps when they efficiently resolve user intent, further enhancing the user experience. Moreover, Self Chain incorporates Account Abstraction with MPC-TSS to provide secure signing and reduce transaction fees. It's a platform that redefines blockchain interaction, making it more secure and user-friendly for everyone.

In a world where blockchain technology is becoming increasingly essential, the user experience remains a critical factor in its adoption. Intents and Keyless Wallets are set to transform the landscape, making blockchain interactions more accessible, efficient, and secure. As we move forward, the blockchain industry has the opportunity to provide users with a seamless and enjoyable experience, unlocking the full potential of this groundbreaking technology.

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