Self Chain Mainnet Update: Stage 3 Progressing

Self Chain Mainnet Update: Stage 3 Progressing

We are excited to provide an update on our 3-Stage Mainnet Launch! The token migration and staking processes are progressing steadily, with increasing numbers reflecting the robust interest and participation from our community.

Key Statistics:

  • Total Supply: 273,000,000
  • Bonded Tokens: 191,000,000, 69.69% of total supply.
  • Block Height: 393887
  • Number of Validators: 55
  • Staking APR: 14.06%

Ongoing Success of Mainnet Stage 3

We are pleased to report that Mainnet Stage 3, which focuses on onboarding community validators, is proceeding smoothly. The Self Chain network continues to expand and strengthen, with the foundation and professional genesis validators, along with community nodes, contributing to a total of 55 validators. This collective effort ensures the Self Chain operates seamlessly without any issues.

Join the Self Chain Ecosystem

We invite you to be a part of the Self Chain ecosystem and help decentralize the blockchain. By becoming a validator, you not only support the network's integrity but also earn SLF rewards.

Why Become a Validator?

Validators play a crucial role in maintaining the security and decentralization of the Self Chain.

By participating as a validator, you contribute to the network’s stability and earn SLF rewards for your efforts. It’s an opportunity to be directly involved in the growth and success of Self Chain.

How to Get Started

You can set up your node and become a validator through the following methods:

Option 1: Set Up with NodeOps Console

As announced in our partnership with NodeOps, users can easily set up Self Chain nodes and run validators via the NodeOps Console. This user-friendly platform simplifies the setup process, making it accessible to both new and experienced users.


Option 2: Follow Our Comprehensive Documentation

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, you can become a validator by following our detailed documentation. Our guides provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up a node and run a validator, ensuring you have all the information needed to join the network.


Final Thoughts

The Self Chain Mainnet Stage 3's progress highlights our community's dedication. Join us as a validator via NodeOps Console or our documentation to help decentralize and secure Self Chain.

Thank you for your support. Stay tuned for more updates!

About Self Chain

Self Chain is the first Modular Intent-Centric Access Layer1 blockchain and keyless wallet infrastructure service using MPC-TSS/AA for multi-chain Web3 access. The innovative system simplifies the user experience with its intent-focused approach, using LLM to interpret user intent and discover the most efficient paths.

Self Chain ensures that onboarding and recovery are effortless with keyless wallets that grant users complete self-custody over their assets. In addition, it provides automated rewards to dApps when they efficiently resolve user intent, further enhancing the user experience. Moreover, Self Chain incorporates Account Abstraction with MPC-TSS to provide secure signing and reduce transaction fees. It's a platform that redefines blockchain interaction, making it more secure and user-friendly for everyone.

In a world where blockchain technology is becoming increasingly essential, the user experience remains a critical factor in its adoption. Intents and Keyless Wallets are set to transform the landscape, making blockchain interactions more accessible, efficient, and secure. As we move forward, the blockchain industry has the opportunity to provide users with a seamless and enjoyable experience, unlocking the full potential of this groundbreaking technology.

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