Self Chain Mainnet Update: Transition to Stage 2

Self Chain Mainnet Update: Transition to Stage 2

We are excited to share the latest progress with our community as Self Chain continues its journey through the Mainnet launch phases.

Here’s a detailed update on our current status and the next steps.

Successful Completion of Mainnet Stage 1

We are pleased to announce that the Self Chain Mainnet Stage 1 has been successfully completed.

Here are the key highlights:

  • Blockchain Launched: The blockchain is now live and actively producing blocks.
  • Operational Services: Our blockchain API, WS, and RPC services are fully functional and working without any issues.
  • Nodes and Validators: All foundation nodes have been onboarded and are running smoothly. For professional validators, some are operational while others are still in the onboarding process, with 19 validators currently active.
  • SLF Bonded: 58,995,468 SLF tokens are bonded.
  • Bonded Percentage: 21.81% of SLF is bonded, with a target of over 50% upon completion of Phase 2.
  • Staking APR: The current staking APR is approximately 40%.

With the foundation set and all systems operational, we have established a strong and secure baseline for the network.

View the status here:

Entering Mainnet Stage 2

With Stage 1 behind us, we are now officially stepping into Mainnet Stage 2. This phase introduces two critical activities:

  1. FRONT Token Migration to SLF:
    As part of our rebranding and strategic realignment, The migration from FRONT tokens to SLF tokens is now live.

    Rebranding Insights: Frontier to Self Chain
    Old Project Name: Frontier
    Old Ticker Name: $FRONT
    New Project Name: Self Chain
    New Ticker Name: $SLF
    Swap Ratio: The swap ratio for Migrating $FRONT to $SLF is 1:1.
    Voting Result: The proposal to rebrand from $FRONT to $SLF received a unanimous 100% vote in favor of $FRONT holders.

    This process is crucial for integrating all early adopters and participants into the Self Chain ecosystem with our native SLF token.

    Migrator Link:
  2. SLF Staking:
    SLF holders can now participate in staking, contributing to the network’s security and earning rewards.

    Staking Link:

We encourage all token holders to engage in these activities to help strengthen the network and ensure its security and efficiency.

Next Steps

We are dedicated to keeping our community engaged and informed.

Thanks again for being part of Self Chain. Stay tuned for Mainnet Stage 3, where public validator nodes will further decentralize our network.

About Self Chain

Self Chain is the first Modular Intent-Centric Access Layer1 blockchain and keyless wallet infrastructure service using MPC-TSS/AA for multi-chain Web3 access. The innovative system simplifies the user experience with its intent-focused approach, using LLM to interpret user intent and discover the most efficient paths.

Self Chain ensures that onboarding and recovery are effortless with keyless wallets that grant users complete self-custody over their assets. In addition, it provides automated rewards to dApps when they efficiently resolve user intent, further enhancing the user experience. Moreover, Self Chain incorporates Account Abstraction with MPC-TSS to provide secure signing and reduce transaction fees. It's a platform that redefines blockchain interaction, making it more secure and user-friendly for everyone.

In a world where blockchain technology is becoming increasingly essential, the user experience remains a critical factor in its adoption. Intents and Keyless Wallets are set to transform the landscape, making blockchain interactions more accessible, efficient, and secure. As we move forward, the blockchain industry has the opportunity to provide users with a seamless and enjoyable experience, unlocking the full potential of this groundbreaking technology.

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