Self Chain Incentivized Testnet

Join the Self Chain Incentivized Testnet to shape the future of keyless wallets!

Self Chain Incentivized Testnet

In the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology and decentralized ecosystems, testing and refining network capabilities are of paramount importance. That's why we're excited to introduce the Self Chain Incentivized Testnet, a groundbreaking initiative designed to shape the future of Self Chain and bring you closer to the world of secure and user-friendly keyless wallets.

Important timeline (Not determined yet)

Registration — Opens Sep 11th
Launch — Sep 20th
Concludes — Oct 11th (3 weeks later)

Duration: 3 weeks

Eligible Validators: 100, first come first serve.

Unlocking the Power of Incentivized Testnet:

As the crypto space continues to evolve, Self Chain stands as a trailblazer in providing a secure and reliable infrastructure for keyless wallets. To ensure that we deliver a seamless experience to our users, we're launching the Self Chain Incentivized Testnet program. This unique opportunity invites all the participants to actively engage with the Self Chain network, test its capabilities, and contribute to its overall security and performance.

Why an Incentivized Testnet?

The Self Chain Incentivized Testnet is more than just a technical exercise—it's an immersive journey that offers tangible benefits to both participants and the Self Chain project. By joining the program, you'll have the chance to shape the future of Self Chain.

Goals of the Testnet:

The Self Chain Incentivized Testnet program has three primary objectives:

  1. Testing Network Security: We're committed to delivering the highest level of security to our users. By participating in the testnet, you'll help us identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure that Self Chain remains a fortress against unauthorized access.
  2. Showcasing Self Chain's Capability: Our innovative cryptographic techniques and state-of-the-art infrastructure deserve a spotlight. Through the testnet, we aim to demonstrate the power of Self Chain in securely managing digital assets.
  3. Bugs Hunt: No software is free of bugs, and we're dedicated to squashing them all. Your insights and feedback will play a pivotal role in refining Self Chain's performance and delivering a polished product.

Tasks: Your Contribution Matters!

Participating in the Self Chain Incentivized Testnet is a breeze. Here's how you can contribute:

  1. Follow Self Chain: Stay connected with the latest updates by following Self Chain on social media platforms.
  2. Join Self Chain Community: Join our vibrant community and engage with fellow enthusiasts.
  3. Like, Retweet and Comment: Show your support by engaging with Self Chain Incentivized Testnet posts.

4. Setting Up and Running Validator Nodes: For those who are capable of setting up a validator, start the node and pass a liveness check 24 hours later. Keep your node available 95% of the time by staying connected to the official Self Chain validator node and proposing a new block at least once an hour.

How to set up a full node:

How to run a validator node:

What does the Participation Journey look like?

  1. Set up a node.
  2. Node synced.
  3. Join Self Chain Discord and get verified in verify channel
  4. Go to the Discord validator-role-request channel.
  5. Share your node ID and node IP with the validator-role-request channel (Prove you have synced the node) to get the validator role.
  6. Request faucet tokens from the testnet-faucet channel.
    An example of the request message:
    faucet-testnet-program self1ggc8yqz2vyvkmnvq4k4hywaav006s40lj65ug2
  7. Create a validator with tokens from faucets.
  8. Apply for the Validator Registration Form in testnet-validator-registration channel.
  9. Fill out the Validator Registration Form, which includes the transaction hash of validator creation, personal information….etc
  10. Keep the validator up until the end of the program.
Remember to safeguard access to your test wallet, as you may be in for a delightful surprise after the mainnet launch.

A Future Worth Anticipating

As the Self Chain Incentivized Testnet unfolds, you'll not only witness the inner workings of Self Chain but actively contribute to its growth. Join us on this exciting journey and help shape the future of decentralized keyless wallets.

For updates, instructions, and further details, visit our official Self Chain channels.

Remember, the future of blockchain is in your hands. Together, we'll redefine security, accessibility, and user experience.

About Self Chain

Welcome to Self Chain, a Layer 1 blockchain designed for trustless, next-generation key management. Self Chain offers a secure infrastructure for keyless wallets and ensures enhanced security and user control through advanced technologies like Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS).

Join us as we shape the future of finance, privacy, and digital ownership. Unlock the true potential of blockchain technology with Self Chain and be part of the decentralized movement.

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