Unlock Exciting Opportunities with Self Chain: Join Our Galxe Campaign and Earn Self Chain Supporter NFTs!

Join our Galxe campaign to earn exclusive Self Chain Supporter NFTs and community perks!

Unlock Exciting Opportunities with Self Chain: Join Our Galxe Campaign and Earn Self Chain Supporter NFTs!

At Self Chain, we're constantly looking for ways to engage with our vibrant community and acknowledge your unwavering support. Today, we're thrilled to announce our campaign on Galxe that gives you a chance to earn exclusive Self Chain Supporter NFTs, which include a special supporter role on Self Chain Guild.

How Does it Work?

Participating in our Galxe campaign and claiming your Self Chain Supporter NFT is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Complete the Tasks

  • Follow Self Chain X
  • Verify yourself on Self Chain's Discord server
  • Join Self Chain's Telegram announcement channel

These tasks are designed to be quick and straightforward, ensuring that everyone can participate with ease.

Campaign link: https://galxe.com/selfchainxyz/campaign/GCLqYULs2B

Step 2: Claim Your Self Chain Supporter NFT

Once you've successfully completed these tasks on Galxe, you'll become eligible to claim your very own Self Chain Supporter NFT.

What makes these NFTs even more exciting is that they're gasless! Self Chain will handle all the transaction fees, making the process smooth and cost-effective.

Step 3: Unlock Your Supporter Role on Self Chain Guild

After securing your Self Chain Supporter NFT, you can head over to https://guild.xyz/selfchainxyz#! and claim the coveted Self Chain supporter role on the Self Chain Guild. This role comes with its own set of privileges, offering you an enhanced experience within our community.

Act Fast - Only 30,000 NFTs Available!

Here's the catch: we have a limited supply of just 30,000 NFTs, and they will be distributed on a First Come First Serve basis. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to become a Self Chain supporter. Join our Galxe campaign now and be a part of the Self Chain journey!

About Self Chain

Welcome to Self Chain, a Layer 1 blockchain designed for trustless, next-generation key management. Self Chain offers a secure infrastructure for keyless wallets and ensures enhanced security and user control through advanced technologies like Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS).

Join us as we shape the future of finance, privacy, and digital ownership. Unlock the true potential of blockchain technology with Self Chain and be part of the decentralized movement.

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